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Our Features


CatPay comes with security built in from the beginning. With advanced anti-theft measures like Catpay Loss and Anti-Withdrawal System (CLAWS) and Terminal Entry-Exit Theft Halters (TEETH), your money is safe at all times.


Paying with CatPay is simple and user friendly. Get instant transaction feedback with our patented Money Exited Our Wallet (MEOW) and Help Indicating Service Status (HISS) notification systems – you’ll always know where you stand with CatPay transactions.


Adding CatPay to your online store or point of sale has never been easier. With our restful APIs (Animal Patting Interfaces), you can be up and running with CatPay in no time.


CatPay is with you all the time, wherever you are. Using our multi-award winning Feline Order Line-up Linking Online Workflow (FOLLOW) technology, it truly is mobile money.

About US

We put the purr into a purrfect payment process
Cuddly and convenient

CatPay is the fastest growing, furriest payments service in the world.

On April 1st we took in $500m in new funding at a $1billion+ valuation, making us the first Unicorn Cat

We're currently live in Dubai with 95,000 cats and growing. We'll be using the new funding to bring CatPay to the world

  • Secure

    Users who want more secure payments

  • Mobile

    Users who want mobile payments

  • Easy

    Users who want easier payments

  • Friendly

    Users who want fuzzier and friendlier payments

Our Team

The coolest cats in payments
Big Kitty
Big Kitty
Top Cat
As massive shoutout to the team at Beamwallet.com for their support and shared sense of humour. You guys are awesome.
Aaron C
Aaron C
Chief Herding Officer
Aaron C brings 20+ years of cat wrangling and herding to bear on making CatPay the most secure and cuddly service it can be.
Aaron O
Aaron O
Chief Patting Officer
Aaron O has been a mainstay of the cat patting industry for over 2 decades. His contribution to patting and payments cannot be overstated.
Glenn A
Glenn A
Chief Grooming Officer
Glenn is the one who ensures all our cats look their best. As cat groomers go, Glenn is at the top of his game.